Auto Repair in Tempe

The I Work on Cars LLC mechanic team are ASE certified to provide quality auto repair, maintenance and oil change in Tempe AZ. With over 20 years experience repairing engine, transmission, brakes plus, Honda repair, Toyota repair, Chevrolet repair, ect. Using OE quality parts, your car service will be fixed right the first time.

Fleet Service

Providing the valley with large and small fleet services. With priority service at the cheapest rate in the valley, speedy cheap oil change, emergency roadside assistance and quick quality repairs performed by ASE certified repair technicians.

Tempe Location

I Work on Cars repair shop is owned locally since 2011 and is located at the cross streets of Smith & 5th in Tempe 85281. Providing auto service for Tempe near ASU campus and Tempe Marketplace. Where can I find quality local auto repair near me? For a map and additional details or car repair estimate, click the link below.
  • Oil Change Tempe Oil and Fluids Change - Engine Oil & Filter Transmission Fluid & Filter Antifreeze Differential Transfer Case Brake Fluid Power Steering Fluid Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Vehicle Maintenance Repair Complete Vehicle Maintenance - Engine Air Filter Cabin Air Filter Spark Plugs & Wires Distributor Cap & Ignition Rotor Fuel Filter Drive Belt Timing Belt Valve Adjustment Tire Rotation
  • Check Engine Light Repair Check Engine Light - Diagnostics Check Engine Light Service Engine Soon Performance Issues Emissions Computers Computer Sensors
  • Engine Maintenance and Repair Engine Repair - Engine Diagnostics Engine Replacement Engine Performance Issues Engine Misfire Engine Noise Computer & Sensors Hoses Gaskets & Seals
  • Transmission Repair Tempe Transmission and Drivetrain - Automatic Transmission Replacement Manual Transmission Replacement Torque Converter Axles External Sensors Gaskets & Seals Clutch & Flywheel
  • Brake Repair Tempe Brake Service - Brake Pad/Shoe Replacement Rotor/Drum Resurfacing Rotor/Drum Replacement Caliper Replacement Master Cylinder Hoses & Seals Parking Brake Brake Sensors
  • Steering and Suspension Repair Tempe Steering and Suspension - Power Steering Rack & Pinion Power Steering Pump Steering Gearbox & Linkage Tie Rods Stabilizers & Links Hoses & Seals Ball Joints Control Arms Bushings Shocks / Struts Springs

Vehicles We Service and Repair

Acura Repair
Audi Repair
BMW Repair
Buick Repair
Cadillac Repair
Chevrolet Repair
Chrysler Repair
Daewoo Repair
Dodge Repair
Ford Repair
Geo Repair
GM Repair
GMC Repair
Honda Repair
Hummer Repair
Hyundai Repair
Infiniti Repair
Isuzu Repair
Jaguar Repair
Jeep Repair
Kia Repair
Land Rover Repair
Lexus Repair
Lincoln Repair
Mazda Repair
Mercedes-Benz Repair
Mercury Repair
Mini Cooper Repair
Mitsubishi Repair
Nissan Repair
Oldsmobile Repair
Plymouth Repair
Pontiac Repair
Porsche Repair
Range Rover Repair
Rover Repair
Saab Repair
Saturn Repair
Scion Repair
Subaru Repair
Suzuki Repair
Toyota Repair
Volkswagen Repair
Volvo Repair